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- for wet and dry areas

Introducing Kradal™ - A new energy absorbing flooring technology designed to reduce the chance of fall-related injury

Kradal™ is a new technology to optimise energy absorption on impact with the floor or ground in order to reduce the likelihood of a fracture or an injury from a fall, while at the same time minimising deflection to avoid increasing the rate of falls.

Karlstad University in Sweden, (published in “Injury Prevention” , a BMJ Group Journal) found Kradal™️ Flooring to reduce the likelihood of injury from falling by nearly 60%.

Kradal™️ Smart Foam underlay is installed under sheet vinyl or linoleum.

Kradal™️ has fantastic acoustic noise reduction qualities, is antimicrobial and it can be installed in both wet and dry areas such as bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms as it is non-water absorbing. Ask us about our floor drain tile for showers.

Kradal™️ Flooring is designed for the Aged-Care sector for use in both residential and assisted-living facilities. 

Kradal™️ Flooring is currently installing in gymnasium and child-care facilities.

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Assistive Living Product of the Year Ageing Asia Kradal Flooring
We are excited to announce that Kradal™ Flooring is the winner of the Innovation of the Year award in the Assisted Living Category at Ageing Asia World Ageing Festival!

Many thanks to our sponsors The Flooring Gallery, Forbo Flooring Systems and Mapei for your support.
Our distributor Marcus Lee and Elaine Soh at The Floor Gallery will be beginning our first Singaporean installations in the coming weeks.

Our first demonstrative floor has been installed in Kalmar Kommun, Sweden.

For information about your nearest Kradal™ distributor, please contact us below.

The Benefits:

Reduced the relative risk of injury from a fall by 59%

Water Resistant

No more hip-protectors!


100% Recyclable

contains organic material

Fantastic Acoustic Qualities

Aged-Care Fall Stock Image

Firm But Soft Impact Flooring

Fractures are a common yet serious injury resulting from falls. In Australia, hip and thigh fracture account for 32.5% of cases, spine and pelvis at 12.5%, and elbow and forearm at 12%. The average cost of treatment of fractures is approximately $15,000 with hip fractures costing $30,000.

Impact Testing showed a 46% force reduction compared to vinyl flooring.

Why Impact Absorbing Flooring is Essential

  • Each year in Australia an estimated 1 in 3 people aged over 65 experience fall.

  • In 2016-17, 52% of people over 65 suffered from a fracture.

  • Adults in residential aged care were 5 times more likely to experience a fall compared to community-dwelling elderly people.

  • An independent study in Sweden, which was peer reviewed and published, has found that Kradal reduces the chance of injury by nearly 60%.

Download Resources

Kradal™️ Brochure

Cost Effectiveness

Installation Brochure

Provider Brochure

Technical Data Sheet

Koikas Acoustics Report


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